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Rwandan Songwriter, Performer, and Artist Bill Ruzima Announces New EP

Rwandan songwriter, performer, and artist Bill Ruzima, currently based in Germany, has exciting news for his fans. He recently announced that he is releasing a new EP titled "Imana y’umuhigi." In his own heartfelt words, Bill shared his journey and inspiration behind this project.

A New Musical Chapter

Bill Ruzima expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming EP, stating, he said "New EP is loading! ‘Imana y’umuhigi.’ I can’t wait to share it with all of you! This feels like the start of my musical journey. It’s a huge blessing to finally have a space in my heart and mind that allows me the freedom to do what I love."

A Deep Connection to Hip Hop

Bill's love for hip hop dates back to his early inspirations. he add "Hip hop is my first love. The first time I heard Tuff Gang, Jay Polly became my favorite. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to talk to him before he passed away. He was so impressed with my talent, especially my song ‘No Regret.’ He knew me as a singer, but he inspired me a lot when I was doing hip hop. I even won a Dream Boy’s CD when they came to Nyanza, and I sang Jay Polly’s verse in the song they made together with Dream Boys! That was a very big motivation ever!"

Adapting to Change

Bill also touched on the challenges faced by hip hop artists in Rwanda. "After that time, because of how the music industry in Rwanda has messed up, they started to neglect hip hop artists in the media. That’s when I became more interested in pop music, R&B, and other genres. It’s also a blessing for me because it made music my absolute first love and connected me deeply with Imana and Benimana." he add

A Dedication to Jay Polly

The EP is dedicated to two of Bill's favorite artists, Roti Bizimana and Jay Polly. he continued saying , "I really hope you will enjoy this EP, and if you’d like to show your support, consider sending it to Jay Polly’s family. He played a significant role in nurturing many artists in our music industry, and we owe him immense respect. Jay Polly will forever be remembered, and Tuff Gang will always remain in our hearts."

Looking Forward

Fans of Bill Ruzima can look forward to a deeply personal and inspirational project. "Imana y’umuhigi" promises to be a testament to his passion for music and his journey as an artist. Stay tuned for its release and support Bill as he continues to make his mark in the music industry.

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