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Rwandan Superstar Kivumbi King Unleashes New Album "Nganza"

Updated: May 24

Rwandan rap luminary Kivumbi King has officially released his much-anticipated album, "Ganza," marking another significant milestone in his illustrious career. This ten-track masterpiece is already making waves, captivating listeners with its powerful lyrics, stellar collaborations, and innovative production.

Tracklist Overview


  • Kivumbi sets the tone with a reflective and introspective track, exploring the reasons behind his musical journey.

Selfish ft. Mike Kayihura & Ruti Joel (Produced by Axon)

  • A soulful collaboration that delves into the complexities of love and self-interest, elevated by Axon's exceptional production.


  • An anthem of perseverance and determination, showcasing Kivumbi's lyrical prowess and relentless spirit.

Bryson Tiller

  • this track blends smooth melodies with Kivumbi's unique style, creating a seamless fusion.

Muhoracyeye ft. Riderman

  • Featuring Rwandan rap legend Riderman, this track is a powerful meeting of minds and lyrical dexterity.

Angel & Demon ft. Nivrii TheStoryteller

  • A profound exploration of human duality, this collaboration with Kenyan superstar Nivrii TheStoryteller offers deep narrative and captivating vocals.


  • A introspective look at life's challenges, offering listeners a raw and honest perspective from Kivumbi.


  • A danceable track that showcases Kivumbi's versatility, perfect for getting listeners on their feet.

Streets ft. Joshua Baraka (Produced by Axon)

  • A gritty anthem featuring Ugandan superstar Joshua Baraka, this track is a testament to Kivumbi's ability to blend powerful performances with hard-hitting beats.

Captain ft. A Pass

  • Closing the album on a high note, this collaboration with Ugandan superstar A Pass is an energetic track that leaves a lasting impression.

"Ganza" is more than just an album; it's a narrative journey that showcases Kivumbi King's growth, versatility, and lyrical genius. With each track offering a unique story and sound, this album is set to resonate deeply with fans and newcomers alike.

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